Tuesday, April 8, 2014

KCW Creation Numero Uno!

I am the epitome of a sporadic blogger.  I blame my day job.  ::sigh::

I really wanted to participate in the KWC this year, which happened to fall the week right after Texas state testing and right in the middle of report card time for my students - so the fact that this is Day 2 and I have finished a project is a small miracle!  

Granted, it's just a skirt.  Skirts are the easy of all easy, right?  

a skirt for thing 1

Lucky for me - Thing 1 knows no different and thinks it is great.

a skirt for thing 1

For the fabric - I just used some that I had in my pile.  This one is called Leaves in Black, by Me and My Sisters for Moda. (the link is for Leaves in Gray, but it's where I purchased the fabric)  I just used half a yard.

Lazy and fast must have been my mantra for this skirt. I have no pictures of the process.  I literally just cut off 3" of the bottom, sewed it into a circle, then made my top and bottom hems.

Keeping on the lazy theme, I did not want to sew a pocket for the elastic, and thought I'd try my hand at just stretching it and sewing it into the inside. Turns out, I'm a fan of the ruffled effect it makes.  However, I need to really reevaluate how tight I pull the elastic when I stretch it. (I also didn't serge any of my seams - I just used my pinking shears...I'm telling you - L.A.Z.Y.)

a skirt for thing 1

a skirt for thing 1

I didn't have a full string of elastic, so I sewed 2 together.  Not really what you want, but it works!

So, yay!  I got something accomplished this week and was able to participate!  Hoepfully I'll knock out these report cards tonight and get to start something else for the Things.  Since I didn't plan very well, it's going to be a fly by the seat of my pants type of thing.

Sometimes that's the most fun. :)